Italian language course week FOR FREE


Choose Piccola Università Italiana for your next Italian language course!
A CHRISTMAS PRESENT in form of a language course week for free is waiting for you!

• Enrol now for 4 weeks of Italian language course
• Decide on dates at a later stage
• Get an additional course week for free

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION to be able to get one Italian language course week for free

  1. This offer is valid for both locations: our Italian language school in Trieste and our Italian language school in Tropea
  2. The offer is valid for all students who book 4 or more weeks of classic group course (= Italian course A – conversation course, Italian course B – standard course, or Italian course C – intensive course) inclusive of accommodation.
  3. The weeks do not necessarily have to be consecutive, but they can be spent by the end of 2020, as long as the booking is made before the offer expires.
  4. You can communicate the precise attendance weeks later, you do not need to do this when booking.
  5. However, the confirmed dates need to be requested in time to be able to offer the accommodation category booked.
  6. The Italian language course week for free (= scholarship week) can be spent at any time.
  7. To benefit from the scholarship you must book the following accommodation categories: “Residenza PUI” in Trieste and accommodation in apartment in Tropea.
  8. To take advantage of the offer, you must make a reservation by February 28, 2019.
  9. At the time of booking, indicate the term of the offer “CHRISTMAS GIFT 4 + 1”.
  10. All communication in regards to the offer has to be sent to the e-mail adress
  11. The enrolment has to be filed directly with Piccola Università Italiana.

We all from Piccola Università Italiana would like to thank you for your preference and wish you a very Merry Christmas!

A Christmas Present

A Christmas present is waiting for you!

The Piccola Università Italiana is again this year organising a photo contest that will allow you to win a one week’s scholarship at our schools in Trieste or in Tropea. Details and conditions of the contest are to be found on the bottom of the page.

Taking part is easy: choose a favourite photo you have taken at Trieste or Tropea and send it to us before January 10, 2018. Each participant can send only one photo and must send it to with the subject line “Trieste photo” or “Tropea photo”. Any other method of sending it will not be considered.

Following careful selection, on February 01, 2018 we will publish the ten photos (five of Trieste and five of Tropea) we liked the most and that best represent, according to us, the atmosphere of the two places. We will give you fifteen days from this date to choose your favourite photo using the “like” button.

The two photos of Trieste and Tropea that have the most “likes” at 23:59 on February 14, 2018 will be considered the winners of the contest and their creators will have the possibility of spending another week with us!

We are looking forward receiving your shots! Good luck




– Participants shall have a facebook account, but it is no must. However, there will be a bigger chance to win if you are on facebook and invite all your friends to like your picture.
– A screenshot of the picture showing the likes on the picture will be taken on February 14 at 23:59 and will give proof of the amount of likes.
– The winner receives a 1-week-scholarship, which refers to course B according to the regulation of group courses.
– The scholarship does not include the inscription fee and the accommodation.
– It is mandatory to take the accommodation in an apartment (shared or studio flat) organised by the school.
– The scholarship is valid until the end of 2018 and shall be utilized within December 31, 2018.
– In order to claim the scholarship, the winner shall make a request for availability to

Get your free flight!

Starting this year, we have important news for all those who want to spend a long time in Italy and get to know both the North and the South of our country. All you need do is book a course at our two schools, staying for a short while both at Trieste and at Tropea, lasting at least 9 weeks, and we will offer you the one-way national flight connecting the two localities for free, including the transfer from and to the airport.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to get to know two very different and spectacular sides to Italy:

Trieste, with its Habsburg legacy, historic buildings and intense cultural offerings;

Tropea, with its fabulous sea, Mediterranean views, lush vegetation and the typical warmth of the people of the South.

Conditions and regulations of the offer:
  1. The offer is only valid for students who have booked the complete package lasting at least two months, including the apartment accommodation as described here: School apartment PUI – shared, school apartment PUI – studio, shared apartment, studio flat; See 2017 price lists.
  2. The offer must be booked at least two months before the date of the flight.
  3. The offer depends on the availability of flights and accommodation.
  4. The student must complete both booking forms and mention “OFFERTA VOLO GRATUITO”.

What are you waiting for? Book your Italian language course in the North and the South of Italy! For enrolment click on the following links:

Enrolment form Trieste

Enrolment form Tropea

Oil and wine in Italy

The month of September is considered the agricultural month par excellence: autumn is coming, the countryside comes back to life, work in the fields resumes. Precisely to help fully discover the deep, unbreakable bond that links Italians to their land, the Piccola Università Italiana organizes, both in Trieste and in Tropea, the interesting and enjoyable excursions related to the harvest or harvesting of wine grapes, and to producing oil.

The visits to the cellars are particularly popular with our students, where not only can you watch wine being produced, but also have the chance to taste some of the best wines of the area, such as Triestine Vitovska or Calabrian Cirò, a feast for your palate of the excellence that our land, along with the enormous work of our producers, can offer.

The tours to the olive groves are also very impressive. This is where the extra virgin olive oil is produced, also called “yellow gold”, for its important nutritional properties. In this case as well, you will be able to watch the production, participate in tastings and also purchase oil of excellent quality at reasonable prices.

If you would like to experience all of this more actively, the Piccola Università Italiana will also give you the opportunity to personally contribute to the production of these important Italian products, by directly participating in the grape harvest or in the olive harvest. This way you can feel like a real Italian farmer!

Discover the most famous gastronomic traditions of our country now, what are you waiting for?

Register at our Italian language school in Trieste, click on the following link:



Register at our Italian language school in Tropea, click on the following link: