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All in-house students are entitled to subscribe to our weekly activity programme.
Some of the activities are for free and some require a contribution to costs!


The weekly cultural programme offers plenty of opportunities to immerse in Italian culture and Italian lifestyle. Cinema evenings with Italian movies, private concerts of classical music at school, motorboat excursions to discover unspoilt white sandy beaches with deep blue crystal clear water as well as trips to the Aeolian Islands and a great variety of cultural excursions in Calabria, to Sicily or Campania top our school’s diversified extracurricular programme. Also, seminars on Italian culture and Italian customs are an integral part of the cultural programme.
As a language course add-on we also offer effective workshops for oral and written communication!

Activities Duration Performance Price in €
Field trips – excursions:
Visit of a famous estate producing wine and olive oil with tasting Half-day TUE – FRI 35-40
Cosenza and the Swabian Castle
Reggio Calabria: the Archeologica Museum
The Byzantine Calabria: Stilo
Vibo – Pizzo: the Swabian Norman Castle of Vibo-Pizzo, Aragonese Castle and Piedigrotta church
Ceramics workshop in Pizzo
Visiting the ‘Nduja production, Zungri and Capo Vaticano
Stromboli by Night (mini-cruise)
Trekking and bath at the Marmarico waterfalls, Stilo and its Byzantine culture Full-day SAT or SUN 40 – 80
Scilla by sailing boat
Crotone, Le Castella and Santa Severina
Vulcano, Lipari and Stromboli
La Grotta del Romito, Morano Calabro and Castrovillari
Sibari, Castrovillari and Corigliano Calabro Castle
Messina Cathedral, Taormina and its Greek theatre
From Ancient Greeks to Romans: Locri, Gerace and Villa Romana
Don’t speak, say it with a gesture 1 – 2 hours TUE – FRI 10
The Mafia
The Italian family and the “mammoni” phenomenon
Bergamotto and other delights from Calabria
Vespa: The icon of freedom
Modern Italian writers
History of: Italian art
Neapolitan songs
Italian cinema
Made in Italy: The Italian excellence
Food and cinema
Female emancipation in Italy
Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Communication workshops: LAB COM (open to all language levels)
Guided city tours + Social activities
Diocesan Museum and Tropean Churches 1 – 2 hours TUE -FRI Included (+ entrance fee at the museum
Guided tour “History & Art in Tropea”
Italian movies in the school cinema with introduction seminar Afternoon / evening Included
Classical music concerts Evening 10
Cooking class with dinner 40
Dinner with Italian pizza
Typical Calabrese dinner with Italian music Cost of dinner (+ 6,00 for music)
Fish barbecue with Italian music at the beach
Sports activities:
Capo Vaticano by sailing boat Half-day TUE -FRI 30-35
Mountain bike excursions, discovering the area around Tropea
Horseback riding on the beach of Palmi
Trekking along the Costa Viola: the Tracciolino path and Monte Sant’Elia