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Our schools also offer an Italian art course.

The history of Italian art is a unique world heritage. You can discover Italian art visiting either the Bel paese or many museums around the world. Italians live surrounded by incredible artistic beauties, but unfortunately, not everybody knows how to juggle artistic movements, painters, and painting techniques.
Our Italian art course will teach you the complex history of Italian art and its masterpieces by making you aware and skilled in this specific field. Let yourself be carried away on this amazing journey!

To all those who have a passion for Italian art history, to foreign teachers and researchers who wish to foster their knowledge, and make their students even more curious.

Our Italian art course is addressed to all those who need to deepen their artistic knowledge for professional reasons or simply for passion.

This course can be held either as an individual course or as an intensive course.  It’s up to you! Special group courses can also be organized for participants at the same level of competence, and who wish to focus on the same topic.


The course can take place either at our schools or online!

Course start

Every Monday


The program is rich and full of a wide range of fascinating topics. Your journey will start with a methodical study of epochs and historical movements, starting from the Renaissance, the heart of Italian artistic culture, to the modern artworks of Renzo Piano, known all over the world for their extraordinary beauty.
We’ll teach you techniques, and artistic vocabulary along with creative moments of collective reading and writing through the most modern technology tools. We care to ensure that our teaching methods are as up-to-date and productive as possible.

  • To deeply understand the rich world of Italian art history, and its most important movements and artists
  • To be able to illustrate an artwork using an appropriate language
  • To acquire the technical vocabulary necessary to understand advanced texts
Size of groups

Individual lessons or small groups of 3 to max. 8 students

Type of course

– If you want to attend this course on an individual basis you may choose our one-to-one and two-to-one packages of individual lessons.
This way you are completely flexible concerning the timetable and the number of lessons booked.

– If you want to attend this course on an intensive basis but in a group course, the number of lessons is 4 lessons daily, 5 days a week (according to the regulation of group courses) + 2 private lessons, 3 days a week = 20 group lessons + 6 private lessons

The group lessons are divided into 2 units of 2 lessons each, with a 20-minutes break in between. Each unit is executed by a different teacher. The first part is dedicated to grammar and the second part to conversation. Both parts are performed in a communicative approach. Please read more about the teaching method and didactics by clicking on the link.
Then during the additional individual lessons, the teacher will focus cleary on business and trading terminology, which will be tailor-made completely to your particular needs.

Certificate of attendance

On the last day of course, students receive a certificate confirming the participation of the course. Read more details about the participation certificate.

Certificate of proficiency

Are you interested to obtain an official proficiency exam? Our Italian language schools are recognized by the University of Siena and the University of Perugia as official exam centers! Check out the next available dates to asses your language skills in Italian and get an official Italian language certificate which is recognised worldwide.

Course duration

1 – 52 weeks (extension is possible).

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