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ACCOMMODATION to Study Italian in Italy

So you want to study Italian in Italy but feel worried about finding the right travel accommodation? We believe that a true language learning experience transcends classroom walls and hours. Piccola Università Italiana offers a wide range of accommodations possibilities in Trieste and Tropea to fit your needs and budget.

In addition to our professional Italian lessons in our language schools, we want your stay to be as pleasant as possible and according to your standards and requirements. We take accommodation seriously. That is why, depending on your preferences, we have plenty of housing options to offer. Our numerous accommodations include hotels, apartment hotels, studio flats, shared apartments, bed & breakfast and host families. The selected lodgings are regularly inspected.

We know staying at the right place is a crucial aspect of your experience while you learn to speak Italian in Italy. Some students prefer to deeply immerse into the local culture and customs by staying with host families. Others, look for the experience of meeting new friends and working their language skills by sharing a dorm with other foreign students. Some travellers like the comfort and privacy of hotels, while others, just prefer to stay in a studio apartment and make their own experiences.

If you are not sure about which option is most suitable for you and need guidance to help you meet and discover your interests, budget and needs, please contact us. We are here to help you find the perfect place to have a great experience abroad.

Find out more about the many accommodation alternatives available in both Trieste and Tropea.