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Do you want to study romance languages or languages at the University of Trieste? To ensure a good knowledge for your academic studies, we offer an Italian course to enrol at Italian universities! Our preparation course can either be booked as an Italian intensive course or as private Italian lessons.

The main goal of this course it to let you achieve an upper intemediate level corresponding to QCER B2 level of autonomy.

Do you need an official qualification recognizing various levels of language proficiency of the Italian language for your enrolment at the university?

For the preparation of the CILS or the CELI exams we suggest to take our preparatory course (basic or intensive) at our institute in Trieste.

Piccola Università Italiana in Trieste provide students with the possibility to officially assess proficiency and competency in Italian language at various levels. The CILS and CELI exams will be held directly in our school in Trieste.

Course start and duration

This course may start every Monday.

  • A1 is starting in August / September 2022 (36 weeks)
  • A2 is starting in October / November 2022 (28 weeks)
  • B1 is starting in January 2023 (20 weeks)
  • B2 exam: April / May 2023.
Course levels

Our preparation course will allow you to pass a B2 level CILS  / CELI final exam.

Age group

This course is addressed to students who wants to enrol either at a their Bachelor’s university degree or Master’s degree.


For the preparation of the CILS or the CELI exams we suggest to take our preparatory courses basic or intensive at our institute in Trieste.

Our students will receive a comprehensive preparation with the maximum of service and assistance to facilitate orientation on a cultural level in the country and on an administrative level for their enrolment at university.

The course is stuctured as follows:

  • Italian language and culture course – Course B (4 lessons per day in mini-groups from 3 to 8 students, 20 lessons per week according to the regulation for group courses);
  • 6 individual lessons for exam preparation;
  • 2 hours of assistance for the enrolment at the university;
  • CILS exam for level B2 in April / May 2023;
  • Documents to apply for visa (if necessary).

Preparation for the initial level A1

Being able to understand and use expressions and basic phrases aimed at satisfying concrete needs (present yourself and other people, explain how you live and where, who are your friends and what you own).

Preparation for the initial level A2

Communication during simple and habitual activities that require a simple exchange of information on familiar and common topics (describe aspects of your life, express immediate needs)

Preparation for the initial level B1

Communication independently and adequately in everyday life situations both in written and oral form and clearly understand the essential point of a standard language speech.


The objective of our university preparation course (UNIPREP) is to let the student achieve an upper intermediate level corrisponding to the QCER B2 level of autonomy. Thus, he will be able to enrol at university.

Number of lessons
  • Preparation for those who live in Italy:
  1. Basic course: 4 weeks course (16 teaching hours – 4 individual lessons per week)
  2. Intensive course: 4 weeks course ( 24 teaching hours – 6 individual lessons per week)
  • Preparation for those who live abroad:
  1. Basic course: 3 weeks course C (60 hours of group lessons + 18 individual lessons)
  2. Intensive course: 4 weeks course C (80 hours of group lessons + 24 individual lessons)


Size of groups

Individual lessons at our Italian language school can be booked solely
or as a supplement to an existing Italian language course.

If you decide to attend the intensive course, your classes will be carried out in small groups of 3 to 8 students.

individual or max.8

At the end of this course, the student will get a B2 certifcate. 


A1 (36 weeks) A2 (28 weeks) B1 (20 weeks)
4900 € 4150 € 3440 €

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