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Piccola Università Italiana follows a precise teaching methodology to enable students to learn efficiently and effectively.

Our highly specialised Italian teachers do their utmost to ensure that students acquire an excellent command of the Italian language through the application of a valid and constantly updated teaching methodology.

Approach and method

The approach used by the Piccola Università Italiana, i.e. the theoretical reference system of our Italian schools is pragmatic-communicative, focused on effective learning and harmonious development of the four language skills. This approach also includes contributions from playful teaching and various methods of the humanistic-affective approach. Attention is placed on the student, on his actual learning.

The method, i.e. the practical realization of the approach is direct and presupposes the exclusive use of the Italian language as a vehicle of communication. In fact, we believe this is the best way to learn a language and have results in no time.
Our group lessons include hours dedicated to grammar and hours dedicated to conversation. Both the grammar lessons and the vocabulary and communication lessons have an organization aimed at homogeneous progress and are structured in such a way as to develop the four language skills simultaneously and harmoniously.
The grammar lessons aim to clearly, directly and precisely explain all the rules of the Italian language. We believe that it is essential to start from a solid grammatical basis to achieve the set goals and progress in the shortest possible time. These are hours dedicated to developing various skills: writing, reading and speaking, albeit in a pleasant and enjoyable way. The knowledge acquired during the first hours of the course will then be used systematically in the conversation hours. In this context, the learner is prepared to deal with the inputs present in everyday life (situational method) and, at the same time, various topics related to the cultural life of Italy are deepened: from music to cinema, from cooking to traditions, from politics to art, from history to geography.

The methodology of our school also makes use of educational activities: at any age and at any level it is essential to learn while having fun and relaxing and therefore there is no shortage of moments dedicated to playing and listening to the most beautiful songs of each lesson Italian music.

Educational and cultural activities

The basic teaching and cultural activity include:

  • frontal Italian language lessons;
  • daily conversational activities related to grammar lessons for the expansion of vocabulary and communication skills.

Furthermore, on both campuses in Trieste and in Tropea, there are cultural activities, indoor and outdoor, which allow you to live the experience of language learning at 360 degrees.

Extracurricular activities include:

  • laboratories for the development of linguistic-communicative skills (lab-COM);
  • explanatory laboratories on Italian civilization (lab-CIV);
  • cultural seminars
  • indoor and outdoor project work activities;
  • cultural workshops;
  • educational field trips to discover local and regional places of historical and artistic interest by bus;
  • guided tours in Italian;
  • cinema: weekly screenings of Italian films in original language with Italian subtitles and with an initial presentation by the teacher;
  • library service with advice on choosing books and magazines available in the two locations in Trieste and Tropea.

Information on educational material and electronic devices

Having a large library and attending periodic refresher courses, our teams of teachers prepare the material weekly, taking into account the personal needs of each student and following a school syllabus recognized at the European level.

If the level allows, authentic materials such as magazines and newspapers are used, as well as literary texts and film reviews. It is important that our students really get in touch with the cultural and social life of our country.
In addition, all classes are equipped with the latest generation of electronic devices, which are in use on a daily basis.

The atmosphere

The familiar, colourful, and cheerful atmosphere will enrich your learning experience, making it unique and truly unforgettable. We strongly believe that context is important to guarantee our students effective and pleasant learning experiences. That’s why the environment of our schools is always warm and welcoming.

The classrooms are spacious and elegant, and the common areas with Italian music will offer you the possibility to spend great moments during the break in a pleasant and joyful ambience. You can find special, bright and modern spaces to read, relax and socialize. Our school staff is helpful, kind, and smiling, which contributes to creating a pleasant atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Lights, colours, and sensations contribute to making our schools unique…. You can’t help but come back!

♥ Learning Italian should be fun and make you happy ♥