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This is the fantastic course for students who wish to achieve great results in a short time, customized to the student’s individual requirements. This Italian language course can be completely tailor-made to the students needs and wishes.

The one-to-one individual lessons are part of our classical course programme, which can be started every Monday.

It is a very convenient variation of private lessons for couples or friends of the same language level who want to study together!



Course start

Every Monday

Age group

Individual lessons are open to students from all ages. Even children may attend our individual lessons with minimum age of 4 years.
However, children from 4 to 15 years need to be accompanied.
Students from 16 to 17 years at the moment of the start of course, are minors and may also stay unaccompanied, but they need to present an authorization form signed by their parents or legal guardian.

Course levels

The two students need to be in the same language level.
Perfect for all language levels, including total beginners!

Number of lessons

Students may book 10-lessons packages and we recommend two lessons for each teaching unit.

Please read more about teaching method and didactics by clicking on the link.

  • Monday to Friday
    from 09:00 am – 10:50 pm or from 11:10 am – 01:00 pm or
  • from 02:00 pm – 03:50 pm or from 04:10 pm – 06:00 pm
Campus Trieste
  • Monday to Friday
    from 09:00 am – 10:50 pm or from 11:10 am – 01:00 pm or
  • from 02:00 pm – 03:50 pm or from 04:10 pm – 06:00 pm
Campus Tropea

Students may follow our standard course programme or may choose to tailor the course according to their needs. The content of the lessons can be agreed upon beforehand, weak points in grammar can be worked on, the Italian you have already learned will be improved, any doubts or insecurities you may have can be worked on individually in a very personal environment.

Special requirements must be agreed upon before your arrival.


Designed for people who endeavour to achieve maximum learning success in a very short time. Our brilliant first-rate mother tounge teachers strive to help develop your knowledge of grammar and to strengthen your communicative abilities, whilst still taking your individual needs and goals into consideration.


On the last day of course students receive a certificate confirming participation of the course.
Read more details about the participation certificate, by clicking on the link.

Course duration

1 – 52 weeks (extension is possible).
Special prices for long term language students!


10 lessons 20 lessons 30 lessons 40 lessons 50 lessons 60 lessons Additional 10-lessons-package
275 490 720 910 1070 1225 195


  • Martin from Germany

    Die Atmosphäre in der Piccola Università ist wunderbar. Alle sind sehr, sehr nett und geben sich größte Mühe, Dir beim Lernen der Sprache zu helfen. Egal, wie lange Du bleibst, Du wirst anschließend das Gefühl haben, viel gelernt zu haben und sehr sympathischen Menschen begegnet zu sein.

  • Teresa from Canada

    The school and teachers were better than what I expected. It was a fun and enriching experience. I highly recommend this school for anyone wishing to learn Italian with Italian immersion!

  • Kos from USA

    My wife and I had a wonderful experience at Piccola Università Italiana in Trieste (una bella città!) in June, 2017. All the teachers and employees were tremendously helpful, welcoming, efficient and kind. The program was well organized, and our teachers were simply superb. It would be hard to imagine a better program, and while we were obliged to work hard, the classes were always a pleasure, and the excursions and extra curricular activities were enlightening and enjoyable. If you want to learn Italian from master teachers and have a good time doing it, you would do well to choose Piccola Università Italiana.