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Art is magic: Rarely it is too early for something in life, but never too late
(Oskar Kokoschka, 1886-1980)

In cooperation with the Free Academy of Fine Arts of Trieste, we offer professional painting an art courses. For more than 25 years, this renowned art school has fostered and organized painting courses, laboratories, workshops and contemporary art exhibitions, as well as meetings with figures from the world of art and culture.

All the teachers who will help you to nurture your creativity are well-known artists and professionals.

This course will be held as private lessons, one-to-one so that our teachers can enhance and take care of your painting skills and artistic development in the best possible way.

Italiano + pittura is a tailor-made programme for all those who want to fully enjoy their holiday and benefit from every moment. It is the ideal combination of culture, Italian dolce vita, and relaxation while learning or enhancing your painting skills. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest! Our programme also offers you the possibility to participate in a group painting course. This option is ideal for families with kids, couples or friends with different interests. While one of you is learning Italian, others can indulge in their preferred hobby or interest, and attend a highly professional painting course at a renowned art school!

Rates for groups upon request!

Discover our Italian language and painting course in Trieste!

ABC dell’arte

Target group: you have no or very little knowledge but are interested in fine arts.

Content: This course provides you with technical fundamentals, a general introduction to the topic of painting, perspective, theory of shadows, presentation of the diverse painting techniques, composition and completion of one opera.

Thematic art course

Target group: You already have previous knowledge and would like to improve or learn a new technique.

Possible contents of the course:

  • Water painting: A detailed presentation of features, differences and results of a single colour and polychrome water-colour paintings will be carried out. Students will learn how to copy from both everyday life and great artists’ work and will be gradually introduced to the application of paints and glazes, and to its desired effects.
  • Oil: This course provides students with a wide range of possibilities that oil technique imposes, whereby the fundamentals of the theory of colours are taught. Knowledge of materials will be imparted as well.
  • Drawing: This artistic, intensive course teaches students basic drawing skills, perspective, and object drawing. By the end of the course, students will be able to create a complete piece of work
  • Portrait: On the basis of artworks and photos, students learn how to draw and paint some portraits according to their morphological characteristics (pencil, charcoal or mineral colours, etc.)

What is included in the price

Course fee covers:

  • Painting materials, paint, paper and canvas
  • Certificate of participation
  • Upon request, an “artistic critique” of their completed work


10 hours private lessons 20 hours private lessons
510€ 1000€

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