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We want our Italian language schools to be a place of tranquility and good ambience as well as being a place of happiness, a place where culture and good conversation with people from all over the world lead to great exchanges and a place where the desire to learn Italian unites our students.


The Italian language school was founded in 1993 in Tropea by Antonio Lamantea as “Caffè Culturale” as a place to learn Italian in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. In those days Caffè Italiano Club provided this special ambience by use of classrooms that seemed more like a cafe. The language centre offered a place for interesting, stimulating conversations, cultural exchange and the familiar atmosphere guaranteed that language pupils of every nation and age felt good being there. The language and culture centre grew in popularity and it wasn’t long before it was awarded with state-approval.

In 2004 the Italian language centre became state-approved by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (23860/P of 30.11.04) . To emphasize the Italian language school’s professionalism, the school was renamed and in 2004 became Piccola Università Italiana. The name should reflect the language school’s attributes.

So the language and culture centre became a real language school with certified Italian language courses given by academic university graduates who are native speakers of the Italian language. They work under the didactic guidance of Prof. Felicetta Carroccetto in their teaching and living of the Italian language and Italian culture.

The ambience at the Piccola Universita Italiana has remained the same since Caffè Italiano Club was founded in 1993. Remaining true to the school’s ideology, Antonio Lamantea, director and founder of this Italian language school attaches greatest importance to student satisfaction and learning efficiency at the language centre. The language school in Tropea excels in the professionalism of the courses on offer, the premises have a certain charm, our staff is very cordial, the place has a personal character and a cosy, relaxed atmosphere, all these still remind us of the ambience of a cafe.

In January 2013 was opened the Italian language school in Trieste Piccola Università Italiana – Le Venezie in Northern Italy in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The character of our Italian language school is also reflected in our strong team at the Piccola Università Italiana.

The administration staff, under the guidance of director Antonio Lamantea, is multi-lingual and takes care of smooth operational procedures from before your journey and during your stay at our Italian language schools.

The teaching staff consists solely of native speakers of Italian who have successfully completed their university studies in language or literature.