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Piccola Università Italiana offers also a special package Italian language and Windsurfing course, which combines an Italian language course with windsurfing lessons at its school of Tropea.

Windsurfing is one of the most beautiful kinds of sport. It harmoniously combines thrilling speed with the peacefulness of sailing and puts you in direct contact with the beauty of nature and its impressing forces.

There is hardly any other kind of sport that allows you to experience such a sensation of wide, open spaces…

…windsurfing is a spectacular sport without a doubt, it can turn your holiday into a truly exciting experience.

The windsurfing school is German- French run and is amongst the most professional windsurfing schools in Southern Italy. Our partner has been operating here for over 20 years.

Windsurfing courses are for a maximum of 4 people per group.
The lessons are organised and supervised by an experienced instructor and are divided into theoretical and practical parts, which include several turns at sea.

Windsurfing lessons can be taken in Italian, English, German or French.

The practical lessons will be organised by your instructor depending on weather conditions.

The windsurfing school is in possession of excellent training material by HIFLY. Sailing suits and life jackets are included in the course price.

The programme „Italian language course + windsurfing” is customised for all of those who want to take their holiday to the limits and to use it optimally. It is the ideal combination of cultural education, Italian „Dolce Vita”, relaxation and the chance to learn or practise a fascinating kind of sport. Enjoy your holiday with all your senses!

Our programme also allows for the possibility of only taking a windsurfing course. This combination is ideal for families with children, couples or friends with different interests. While you learn Italian, your fellow holiday-makers have the chance to do the water sport of their choice.

Discover more about our program Italian language and windsurfing course.

The following windsurfing courses are available:

Beginner’s course or trial lesson

3 lesson units at 1 hour each; this course takes about 3 hours

Advanced windsurfing course

3 lesson units over the course of 3 days at 2 hours each; this course takes about 6 hours

Complete windsurfing course

Beginner‘s windsurfing course+ advanced course. The lessons run over the course of 5 days, making a total of 9 hours. The shortest length of stay for the complete windsurfing course is 2 weeks as the lesson times might have to be changed for meteorological reasons.

These windsurfing courses can be combined with all language courses from our Italian language course program.

Important: Our Italian courses can be booked all year round, however the Windsurfing courses are only available from April to October.

Important: The sailing courses take place in Capo Vaticano. The transfer from and to the school are included in the price of your course!