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The intensive course at our Italian language school is a classical Italian language courses, which can be started every Monday.

The intensive course consists of the standard course in mini-groups + 6 private lessons per week. As in the other Italian language courses, each student takes a written and an oral test on the first morning of the course so his/her level of competence in the Italian language can be defined precisely. This procedure guarantees the participants of our Italian courses a high efficiency of learning by being placed in one of our 15 language levels according to language competence.

Particularly motivated language students tend to choose this variation from our course programme selection. It is also the ideal course for students with special language needs and as a preparatory course of the Italian language certificates CILS or CELI.


Size of groups

The group part of the intensive courses is carried out in small groups of 3 to 8 course participants.

max. 8 students
Course start

Every Monday

Age group

All classical language courses are open to students from 16 years.
However, unaccompanied students who have not yet completed 18 years at the moment of the start of course, are minors and need to present an authorization form signed by their parents or legal guardian.

Course levels

Perfect for all language levels, including total beginners

Number of lessons

4 lessons daily (each 55 minutes), 5 days a week (according to the regulation of group courses)
2 private lessons (each 55 minutes), 3 days a week
20 group lessons + 6 private lessons

The group lessons are divided into 2 units of 2 lessons each, with a 20-minutes break in between. Each unit is executed by a different teacher. The first part is dedicated to grammar and the second part to conversation. Both parts are performed in a communicative approach. Please read more about teaching method and didactics by clicking on the link.

  • Group lessons:
    – Monday to Friday
    – 1st part from 09:00 am – 10:50 pm
    – 2nd part from 11:10 am – 01:00 pm
  • Private lessons:
    – 3 days a week
    – from 02:00 pm – 03:50 pm or from 04:10 pm – 06:00 pm
Content of group lessons

The focus of the content during group lessons is on the structure and rules of grammar, practical exercises such as forming sentences, games, quizzes and written texts, expanding vocabulary, idioms, reading texts on the various topics of Italian culture such as cooking, wine, music, cinema, rollplays, acted out everyday situations, conversation and the use of different methods of communication, direct listening, analysis of the different faces and facets of Italy.
For intermediate and advanced participants active newspaper readings are used. Discussions about topics from the world of art, culture, current affairs, politics and society. As a rule the 4 hours daily are divided into 2 hours of grammar and 2 hours of conversation, so the language student gets to know and immerses himself in the 4 pillars of language optimally: speaking, understanding, reading, writing!

Content of private lessons

During the one-to-one lessons can choose their topic of focus from: Literature and history, cinema, theatre, music, architecture, sculpture, print and TV, law, economy, politics, Italian opera, commercial Italian for economy, law, finance, tourism, hotel industry, medicine and many more….
Italian intensive courses can be easily combined with a customised Italian course.
Italian intensive courses are also a suitable course preparation for officially recognised Italian certificates such as CILS or CELI.

  • Development of the ability to understand a discussion
  • Development of the ability to interact in a discussion
  • Development of competence in reading and writing
  • Acquisition of knowledge and language acquaintance in relation to the chosen central topic

On the last day of course students receive a certificate confirming participation of the course.
Read more details about the participation certificate, by clicking on the link.

Course duration

1 – 52 weeks (extension is possible).
Special prices for long term language students!


1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 7 weeks 8 weeks week 9+
490 935 1365 1755 2135 2525 2885 3265 390


  • Nina from Austria

    Wenn jemand wirklich intensiv italienisch lernen will, dann sollte man auf jeden Fall Einzelstunden machen und länger als 2 Wochen bleiben! Man lernt aber auch sonst sehr viel und durch das Programm der Schule kann man auch sehr viel machen.

  • Dragana from Serbia

    As a language teacher, I would like to say that Tereza and Licia are brilliant teachers, perfectly prepared for every lesson. They explain everything in a clear and understandable way. Learning with their help was much easier. If I were a school owner, I would like to have them in my team! Tereza und Licia, thank you both a lot! <3 <3

  • Maria Cristina from Brazil

    Estudando em Trieste, tive una experiência muito positiva. Pude conhecer um pouco da língua italiana e conhecer pessoas de todo o mundo. Achei uma escola muito compromissada com seus alunos e com a aprendizagem da língua. Quando puder retornarei para melhorar meus conhecimentos do Italiano.