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This particular course aims to offer Italian language teachers a special training program, both theoretical and practical, based not only on the development and improvement of language skills but also on the need to provide them with the most modern techniques of language teaching. In brief, the main focus is improving an already solid knowledge gained in life or at work, fostering a greater familiarity with the language approach. This training is recognized by the EU and entitles participating Italian language teachers (non-mother-tongue-speakers) for funding.

Our Italian language schools are PIC-registered by the EU. Therefore, all Italian language course programs are eligible for funding under the ERASMUS+ program.

Besides, the European Commission has been sending interpreters and translators to our Italian language schools for specific language training since 1999.


Size of groups

The group part of the special accredited Italian language courses are carried out in small groups of 3 to 8 course participants.

max. 8 students
Course start

Every Monday

Age group

This course is addressed to Italian teachers of all ages. 

Course levels

Only suitable for participants who already have a high level of Italian language.

Number of lessons

4 lessons daily, 5 days a week (according to the regulation of group courses)


6 individual lessons


Schedule and program


  • Monday to Friday
  • from 9:00 to 10:50 and from 11:10 to 13:00 (improvement of language)


  • Monday 16:00-17:50 (theoretical aspects of language teaching OR tailor-made content)
  • Wednesday 16:00-17:50 (tools and techniques of learning OR tailor-made content)
  • Friday 16:00-17:50 (tools and techniques of learning OR tailor-made content)

The methods are different and are based on a careful trend in new ways and rhythms of learning. In order to foster your skills, our classes are focus on:

  • semantic and linguistic analysis of a written text;
  • Lexical expansion;
  • Syntax and structure of the period;
  • Discussion led;
  • Resolution of grammar and language problems;
  • From witten language to spoken langugae.

All our written resources are taken from newspapers, magazines, literature, advertising and slogans, text representation, descriptive, colloquial and other styles, songs that deal with aspects of costume, culture and history of Italy.

We value the centrality of the participant. That’s why we always opt for an open and clear communication trying to understand our students’ needs.

Participants will be invited to follow the social and cultural program of the school as well. We will use all our cultural resources and our library multimedia equipment to listen to recorded oral texts and to watch films even beyond our scheduled classes.

  • Acquisition of an adequate preparation training both theoretical and practical;
  • Improvement of pre-acquired skills and practice of teaching;
  • Development of the most modern techniques of languages teaching.
Course duration and number of hours
  • 1 to 2 weeks
  • 52 hours of lessons (40h: development of different language skills, 6h: theoretical aspects of language teaching with analysis tools and techniques to develop and enhance language learning; 6h: practice of teaching doing workshop, simulation lessons, suggestions for teaching activities, selections criteria, analysis of the material phases of teaching techniques and tools, and dynamic role of class)



1 week 2 weeks
540€ 990€

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