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All in-house students are entitled to subscribe to our weekly activity programme.
Some of the activities are for free and some require a contribution to costs!


The weekly programme offers plenty of opportunities to immerse in Italian culture and Italian lifestyle. Guided visiting tours in Trieste, visiting museums, castle tours, movie evenings with Italian films and seminars on Italian culture and Italian customs are an integral part of the cultural programme. As a language course add-on we also offer effective workshops for oral and written communication!

In the area of “Le Venezie” (Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Veneto and Trentino) there are numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ensuring a rich and varied excursion programme. The classical weekend tour goes to Venice. On a full-day excursion, you will discover the “City of Gondolas” with its art treasures and architectural wonders. Further important cultural sites are Aquileia, the Lombard town Cividale, Udine, Palladian Villas and much more. Wine and “Prosciutto” tastings, bicycle tours, boat tours and nature hikes with the WWF will round off the activity programme, which is offered to supplement the Italian language courses.

Activities Duration Performance Price in €
Field trips – excursions:
*Aquileia and a visit to the Basilika as well as the archaeological sites Half-day TUE – FRI 40
*Cividale del Friuli: Longobards in power
Udine and the masterpieces of Tiepolo
DOC Vineyards “Colli Orientali del Friuli” and visit of a winery with wine tasting
Venzone: “Il borgo più bello d’Italia 2017”
Spilimbergo and visit of the Friulian Mosaic school
Guided visiting tour of Duino castle and Rilke path
Visit of the „Grotta Gigante“
Hiking trips in the surroundings of Trieste, accompanied by a WWF guide
Guided tour of the Natural History Museum and visit of a coffee roaster
Wine and Oil tasting at the Parovel farm
San Daniele: The taste and the history of the land of Prosciutto
*Venice: The City of Gondolas Full-day SAT 50,00 – 80,00
*Vicenza: The City of Palladian Villas
*Verona: The City of Romeo and Juliet
*Padova and the Botanical Garden
*Ferrara: the city of the Renaissance
“Say it with a gesture” 1 – 2 hours TUE – FRI 10
The origins of Italian language
The history of: Italian Opera, Italian cinema, Italian pasta, Trieste
Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance
Made in Italy: The Italian excellence
Bora museum
Vespa: the icon of freedom
Communication workshops: LAB COM (open to all language levels)
Guided city tours + Social activities
Trieste – The city of writers 1 – 2 hours TUE -FRI Included
Trieste and its majestic palaces
Trieste – A crossroad of cultures and religions
The Jewish Trieste
Trieste’s ancient markets
Tergeste – Discovering Roman Trieste
Italian movies in the school cinema with introduction seminar Afternoon / evening Included
Opera and concerts Evening from 25
Cooking lessons 40 – 50
Osmiza: farmers offering their own produces (wine, cheese, prosciutto,…) 25
Sports activities:
The Baia of Sistiana by SUP Half-day TUE -FRI 30
The Barbarian coast by sailing boat 60
The lagoon of Grado by boat/canoe 50
The Miramare marine reserve by sailing boat
Mountain-bike tours in the Karst mountains 40