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Our school in Trieste gives you the possibility to combine an Italian language course with cooking lessons.

“On the dock of the harbour of Trieste it’s no coincidence that there is a compass rose: Trieste is the city of winds. Whether its bora, southwest wind, south wind or mistral, all these winds have helped to bring from every cardinal point the most diverse culinary and cultural traditions into the city.

In this city, Europe is at home and it would be absurd to think that this would not be reflected in the sauce pans. Even today, the menus are dominated by recipes that immigrants have brought with them from all parts of the world. They are many, just like the direction of the wind- and equally changeable. To talk about the cuisine of Trieste is almost impossible; the contrasts are too strong.

No other city offers so many boundaries and passage ways, even culinary.”

During our popular Italian cooking course, you will be learning how to make Italian dishes and other typical specialties from Trieste and other surrounding areas. Our amicable cooking teacher from this enchanting city will guide you into this flavorful journey.

Do not hesitate to delve yourself into a typical Italian lifestyle and tastes even outside of the classroom!

Discover our package: Italian language course and cooking lessons!

Cooking together

Course duration and programme:

Our cooking course consists of 3 lesson units, each unit takes 3,5 hours. This course lasts about 10 hours and starts at approx. 6 pm. It will be held in Italian. On your first day, you will receive a recipe list and an apron.

The minimum duration for this course is 1 week (= 3 evenings) and the maximum duration is 4 weeks. The maximum number of participants is 2 (e. g.: friends or a couple). This course is however very popular also amongst those who travel alone.


Each course day ends with having a meal together with your cooking teacher. The course fees cover the cost of all ingredients needed to prepare the meals, which are consumed afterwards with your teacher. Drinks have to be purchased separately by students. Should you have any special recipe requests, please advise us when booking.

We will do our best to make sure your preferences will be included in your cooking plan!

Here it is an example of a 1-week meal plan:

1st evening:

  • Primo: Ravioli con ricotta e spinaci
  • Secondo: Insalata di polpo
  • Dolce: Strudel di mele

2nd evening:

  • Primo: Lasagne alla bolognese
  • Secondo: Parmigiana
  • Dolce: Cantucci

3rd evening

  • Primo: Risotto alla Marinara
  • Secondo: Calamari ripieni
  • Dolce: Tiramisù


1 WEEK (3 evenings)

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