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Piccola Università Italiana offers you the possibility to attend an Italian language and music course at our school in Trieste.

Then, you may combine an Italian course with music classes thanks to our cooperation with the most famous music school of Trieste.

We work in partnership with a renowned music school founded in 1988, located in the Cavana area, just 3 minutes away from Piccola Università Italiana.

Our Italian+music package offers music discovery, instrumental and singing courses, either classical/academic or contemporary (jazz, rock, blues, easy listening and other new genres).

The activities of this music school encompass the work of over 45 people from teachers to assistants, alongside dozens of  leading international musicians and musical professionals to run special learning initiatives and  specialized seminars.

Last but not least: our program is completely held in Italian in order to delve yourself in our language and culture to the fullest! Indeed, our up-to-date and efficient teaching methods will guide you during this journey facilitating all the learning process. Doing so, you’ll learn either the Italian language or music in the most effective way.

What’s next? Discover our package Italian language and music course and start your great  adventure with us!

Playing together

Course duration and programme:

Our music course offers you the possibility to attend music classes in 1 of the 12 soundproofed classrooms of our music school provided with a backline (drums, guitar and bass amplifer, speakers and piano). Each class lasts 30 minutes. Classroom can be rented for 60 minutes.


You can choose among one of these courses:

  • Individual OPERA SINGING course
  • Advanced individual course: OPERA SINGING – MASTERCLAS
  • Individual CONTEMPORARY SINGING class (Jazz, rock, pop, blues etc.)
  • Individual INSTRUMENTAL class: guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, electic bass, double bass, accordion, flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussions, violin, didgeridoo.

You can rent spaces, classrooms and/or backline.


Classroom hire to use piano12€All levelsAmateurs and professionals
Classroom hire for use of grand piano20€All levelsAmateurs and professionals
Classroom hire with pianist (for singers)80€AdvancedProfessionals


Individual OPERA SINGING course Advanced individual course: OPERA SINGING - MASTERCLASS Individual CONTEMPORARY SINGING class (Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues...) Individual INSTRUMENTAL class
47€ from 170€ 47€ 47€
All levels Advanced All levels All levels
Amateurs and professionals Professionals Amateurs and professionals Amateurs and professionals
Technique, performance and repertoire Technique and repertoire Technique, performance and repertoire Technique, performance and repertoire

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