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Solution for the busy bees that want to learn Italian: Get an online tutor

Be productive from your living room, and get now your online tutor in a quick click: easy-peasy!

Online Italian language tutor

Why having an Italian tutor online is the best thing you can do to learn the language

Hey, you!

Unfortunately, we are going through difficult times right now with so many challenges to face. That’s why we, at the Piccola Università Italiana, are willing to do our part: We’ve thought about you! We know that you’re probably stuck at home with so much time to spend, and wondering how not to waste your precious days! Therefore, we really want to give you our tip: The best way to be up against this common enemy is to turn this unmoving and boring period into productivity! That’s right here that learning a new language comes into play! Especially, if it is the language of the Bel paese: Our melodic and fascinating Italian! Learning Italian can help you to upgrade your CV, get a job promotion or simply discover and look closely at a new inspiring culture!

Our Italian language school can help you with that! Indeed, today we offer you the possibility not only to learn Italian online attending a proper and valid Italian course directly from your sofa but also to get a special 10% discount with a free seminar per week if you purchase your lessons by the 30th of April. 

Are you wondering how our online courses take place?

Everything you need is a laptop and a Skype account! In fact, you’ll meet your online tutor on Skype either choosing a one-to-one option or in a small group of 3 to max.8 participants! You can refer to our Online Courses page to discover how to reach out to your online tutor, as well as to our menu courses to choose which one suits you better. In any case, our specialized teachers will follow you through this enchanting journey tailoring your course on your needs and requests! Doing so, you can get the most of your online tutor: You can focus on the aspects you want to deepen, avoiding wasting your time in learning something that you already know or that simply bores you! In a nutshell, having an online coach gives you plenty of benefits! Taking advantage of tailored lessons and explanations is just one of them!

Apart from the current situation, our Online courses are available all year long! Last but not least, at the end of the course, you can either get a certificate of attendance or of proficiency and prove your new skills!

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Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, and feel free to reach out to us on our Facebook – Trieste and Facebook – Tropea pages, Instagram or Twitter!