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How to Learn Italian Faster: 10 Tips from our Teachers

Discover 10 top tips from our teachers, and find out how to learn Italian fast either sitting on your couch or coming in Italy to be completely immersed in our beautiful language!

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10 Teacher Tips to Learn Italian Faster


1. Look for an inspiring grammar manual!

Yes, Italian is a wonderful language that sounds like music, but you need to know some rules to speak it correctly! Then, choose an inspiring and clear manual with an attractive and coloured layout containing translations in your native language, and solutions at the end. In this way, you’ll be able to practice on your own!

2. Identify your best storage learning system

If adults should train their memory a lot, it’s not the same for the very young! Since everyone is different, it is important to find the most effective way to remember new words and grammar rules. Those with an auditory memory could record, listen and repeat lists of words, expressions and verbs several times a day. Rather, those with a visual memory can cover the walls of their house with post-it notes, attach a page with the Italian articulated prepositions on the door of their bathroom or even the rules of the hypothetical period on their refrigerator. If you don’t live alone, your roommates or your family will learn Italian without knowing how!

3. Attend an intensive course in Italy

Since Italian is almost exclusively spoken in Italy, all you need is to come here. As a matter of fact, the greater the exposure to the language is, the more likely you’ll learn it! At La Piccola Università Italiana we give you everyday the possibility to attend a language course combined with extra activities so that you can practice Italian even outside your classroom: cooking classes, dinners with musical accompaniment, sports and excursions, guided tour in Italian in Tropea or Trieste is everything you need to learn Italian fast in Italy doing a complete Italian language immersion. And at the end, don’t miss out on the opportunity to spend your free time talking, talking and talking with locals…!

4. Watch movies or videos in Italian

Watch TV series, quizzes, entertainment or sports programs! Or even better, watch tutorials about your passions: You’ll learn twice as much! Videos and movies provide you with useful and easily contextualized audiovisual stimuli, and expose you to a wide range of regional accents. That’s why at our schools we show to our students classic or contemporary movies with Italian subtitles two afternoons a week!

5. Read in Italian

If it was just the label of Nutella, but read it! It’s the best way to expand your vocabulary. Start with short texts such as simple instructions, and gradually move on to horoscope, twitter, news or blogs! If you prefer books, choose one that suits your level, and don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. Underline the words you don’t know and try to get the meaning out of context! Understanding the global meaning should be your main purpose! Indeed, if you stop on every line, not only will you not enjoy the content, but you will also lose the desire to move on. At La Piccola Università Italiana you can borrow a book from our library. Avoid to choose fairy tales for children: this type of language is often very imaginative, and has little correspondence to everyday reality.

6. Write in Italian

No, not the novel of the century! Just write a postcard, or exchange some text messages with an Italian friend or foreign students who, like you, study our beautiful language…You can even benefit from Social media: Follow a bunch of Italian users on Facebook or Instagram, and look for some useful hashtag in order to memorize words!

7. Sing

We’re not asking you to sing Caruso or Pavarotti’s songs, but simply to choose your favourite Italian song and start! By making a good use of the pause button, try to write each verse down. Dont worry, leave blank if you don’t understand some words and, then compare your texts with the original one. At the end, listen to the lyrics again and try to follow it! Even if you’re out of tune and the only stage on which you should perform your singing skills is your shower, never mind and sing!

8. Fill your day with Italian

Perseverance is essential to learn a language. It is important to pratice it everyday even if you did it for a short while. Just do a few exercises or read some lines, listen to the radio or speak with a local. In a nutshell, make this language part of your everyday life somehow. Our little tip: set your PC or smartphone in Italian!

9. Find a way to check your improvements

Checking your progress in learning helps you to acquire self-esteem and motivation. Then, try to find the best way to verify it constantly! As an exemple: We recommend to our beginner students to go several times on our guided tour, which is always held in Italian: the gradual and increasing understanding of the guide can be used as a parameter to measure their progress.

10. Find an Italian partner

We want to be very honest and straightforward with you: That’s the most useful and effective tip of the list. Nothing increases motivation like love. Therefore, especially at the very beginning, you will memorize every single word that your sweetheart says, and you’ll be ready to do the impossible to improve communication between you two. All this beating around the bush just to say that love breaks down all barriers, including the linguistic ones!