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Oil and wine in Italy

The month of September is considered the agricultural month par excellence: autumn is coming, the countryside comes back to life, work in the fields resumes. Precisely to help fully discover the deep, unbreakable bond that links Italians to their land, the Piccola Università Italiana organizes, both in Trieste and in Tropea, the interesting and enjoyable excursions related to the harvest or harvesting of wine grapes, and to producing oil.

The visits to the cellars are particularly popular with our students, where not only can you watch wine being produced, but also have the chance to taste some of the best wines of the area, such as Triestine Vitovska or Calabrian Cirò, a feast for your palate of the excellence that our land, along with the enormous work of our producers, can offer.

The tours to the olive groves are also very impressive. This is where the extra virgin olive oil is produced, also called “yellow gold”, for its important nutritional properties. In this case as well, you will be able to watch the production, participate in tastings and also purchase oil of excellent quality at reasonable prices.

If you would like to experience all of this more actively, the Piccola Università Italiana will also give you the opportunity to personally contribute to the production of these important Italian products, by directly participating in the grape harvest or in the olive harvest. This way you can feel like a real Italian farmer!

Discover the most famous gastronomic traditions of our country now, what are you waiting for?

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