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News of our school in Tropea and its location!

Calabria by bike

Discover our “Mountainbike Weeks” program that perfectly combines the study of Italian with outdoor activities, for a truly active vacation!

From September 25 to November 13, 2016 you can come to Tropea, take an Italian course at our school and in the afternoon, discover the beauty of the area through various nature trails by bike. Calabria is a fascinating region and it is even better to discover it in the fall, away from the masses of tourists and the sweltering heat of summer, to enjoy sports and have fun.

The mountain bike tours in Calabria are organized by a German-French professional team that has worked in the Tropea and Capo Vaticano area for over 20 years. The instructors are experts, speak different languages, including Italian, of course, and will ensure that you to ride safely. The equipment consists of 20 SCOTT mountain bikes and 34 professional mountain bikes and helmets will also be provided, which are required for the duration of the guided tours. Bike tours will have 4 levels of difficulty and you can always choose the level that suits your skills.

The “Mountainbike Weeks” program is perfect for those who want an alternative “sports” vacation, learning Italian and staying active. In addition, our school also offers the possibility to reserve only the bike tours, without the Italian course. This could be an interesting solution for those traveling in groups, for families or for couples. In the event that not everyone is interested in doing the same things: one person can take the Italian course, and the other can go mountain biking… while someone else, in their group, can do both things!
This program requires a minimum of 10 participants per week and can be offered in packages of 1 or 2 weeks of active vacation that can be perfectly combined with our 4×5 standard course, which may be extended later at your leisure.

Upon request, you can also schedule your packages in different periods.

Reserve your active study tour now, what are you waiting for?