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Why family language holidays in Italy should be on your bucket list

At the Piccola Università Italiana, we offer a broad range of customized courses for every need, age, and language level. So, why not consider going on a nice family vacation to enjoy our natural beauties, and at the same time learn Italian in Italy during your holidays?

Planning a family language holiday in Tropea

Combining business with pleasure will grant you a language learning experience and relaxing holidays at the same time. Do your Italian language holidays with us!

Although very few agencies have this package available, since 1993 it is possible to book with us this great and mixed offer of study and relaxation, even for big groups!
As normally, July and August are the perfect time to go on a family holiday. That’s why our beautiful medieval village of Tropea is the ideal place. It is a small town you can stroll around on foot, that offers amazing views of the sea beyond the chance to spend unforgettable hours on the beach between dives. A little paradise on Earth to have a rest, recharge your energy, and, why not, learn something new. Furthermore, the locals are very welcoming and friendly, often ready to talk to foreigners.
In fact, some of our students chose Tropea in order to let their family have a nice holiday, while they were attending our Italian courses. Then, take it as an opportunity to enrich yourself from a personal perspective considering its countless advantages (such as being able to communicate in Italian in Italy)!
Furthermore, when the children are in class, parents don’t have to worry about anything else but attending their lessons or enjoying their free time! At the same time, parents who attend our classes set a good example for their children getting their motivation consequently increase: Outside the classroom, small challenges are often set between parents and children to measure the progress they’ve made in our beautiful language, such a wonderful moment of sharing! Studying a foreign language, besides being an excellent gymnastics for the brain, helps to broaden our horizons developing an open, lively, and curious spirit! La Piccola Università Italiana is a big family, where it is easy to make friends from every corner of the planet in a very relaxed and familiar atmosphere. It will, therefore, be easy, if you wish, to meet other people with similar interests and spend time together outside the classroom!

Families already share accommodation and most of their free time, but children and teenagers under 16 years old attend alone individual lessons. If two or more siblings share a similar age and linguistic level, however, the possibility to make an ad hoc mini-class is there! The proposals we make to families vary on how much time they’d like to spend with us (we are very flexible, the minimum is one week, and the maximum depends on you). Someone, for example, is already studying Italian in an institute in their own country and can choose to do an intensive course with us to foster his skills. That’s why we try to structure programs as exclusive and tailor-made as possible.

Our teaching methods are therefore completely different: the youngsters often learn very quickly because they are easier to memorize, but they have to be motivated in the right way. It is possible to teach the language even to very young children, from 4 to 6 years old, i.e. children who do not yet attend primary school and therefore do not know how to read or write. In this case, obviously, the learning techniques are more playful. Also for adults, we have many surprises in store so that fun is guaranteed for everyone, but they generally have to practice more to train their memory and acquire vocabulary and grammatical structures. However, it must be said to balance these difficulties that adults often have on their side more willpower, a greater awareness, a motivation usually deeper than their children, and considerable cultural interest in the Bel paese. Most of our students are attentive and curious. Those who choose to study Italian, in fact, do not necessarily do it for professional needs, but for a real form of love: for its sweet and musical sound (it is considered the most romantic language in the world! ) and for the deep bond that this language has with many cultural and artistic spheres, with the traditions and excellence for which Italians are famous in the world, such as food and wine, music, opera, fashion, design, architecture, archaeology and all the wide, rich and varied historical heritage. And of course, all that concerns our dolce vita. Thanks to this enormous diversity, even the topics of conversation can greatly differ according to age and interests.

On our campuses, you will also find a series of extracurricular activities, such as guided tours, excursions by minibus or boat, typical dinners, and cooking classes. In addition to the standard language courses, it is also possible to enroll in additional courses. At our campus in Trieste, thanks to the collaboration with an important local school, you can attend different types of music or singing courses all year round. In Tropea, during the summer season, you can practice mainly outdoor activities such as sailing, catamaran, or windsurfing and, upon request, basically any kind of sport!
For the quieter ones, we also offer oil or watercolor painting courses.
In short, there is something for everyone: just choose what you prefer and what suits your family better!
We’ll take care of the rest!