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Language Immersion Diary


Heather Dickson* is a U.S. native and documentary producer who moved from China to Italy this past summer to bring her daydream of having conversations in Italian to life. Bringing her camera along each day during her immersive Italian language program, Heather created a visual diary of her experiences in a web series premiering this Sunday on the Piccola Università Italiana youtube channel.

She hopes her love of people and languages inspire you to take your own bold journey and accomplish a dream or two– and strongly believes in the power of “gelato al pistacchio” in the “grande coppetta” to actualize those dreams.




And here is the first part of this Italian Immersion(e) Series which will let you dive into our fabulous language learning experiences in Italy:

*Her professional credits include: Associate Producer at Landgrant Films, Production Assistant for Scripps Networks and Food Network LATAM, 2 years as Lead Media Producer at AIA in small-town China, National Geographic Storytelling Instructor, Western Journalism Teacher and Film Workshop Leader, as well as Director of several independent shorts that appear on her personal YouTube.