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Tropea blues festival 2016

From 15 September to 8 October 2016, Tropea will be hosting a spectacular blues event that will fill its streets with cheer and make your holiday even more unforgettable!

The festival has been organised for 11 years by the Tropea Blues association and aims to create moments of socio-cultural assembly to bring even more people to this passionate and moving musical genre, in an attempt to pave the way for a new kind of cultural tourism.
Indeed, the narrow streets of Tropea’s historic centre are ideal for the recreation of that magical atmosphere found in the world’s cradle of the blues, New Orleans.

In the evening hours, Tropea will abound with musical performances along the streets, by both emerging and professional artists. The bands will play among the people, involving them as much as possible, and themed meetings and seminars on the history of the blues will be organised, where books and albums will be presented and the blues artist of the year will be announced. In short, everything will be organised in a way that promotes a better understanding of the cultural aspects of this musical genre.

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