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The art of cooking

Mediterranean cooking course plus language course in Italy
Mediterranean cooking course in Italy

Are you ready to immerse yourself in true Italian and Calabrian culture, even outside the classroom?

Book an Italian course in our Italian language school in Southern Italy associated with a cooking course and you will have the good fortune of learning not only the language but also the art of our gastronomic experience.

Italian cooking is one of the richest and most varied cuisines in the world, and the passion with which Italians dedicate themselves to cooking is truly immense… Thanks to our Mediterranean cooking course, you will be able to bring this passion directly into your home and astonish your friends and family with delicious, inviting recipes.

The cooking course includes three lectures per week, held in the evening by a friendly cook from Tropea who will explain the culinary secrets of the Calabrian tradition—in Italian of course!

It’s a very sought-after course which is very much appreciated by our students. In fact, each lecture ends with a dinner in the company of the cook, so you can personally taste the dishes you prepared!

Reserve your tasty course!

Book your Italian language course associated with a mediterranean cooking course now!


Book NOW your Italian course for October!

Book NOW your Italian course for October!

Book NOW your Italian course for October!