News of our school in Trieste and its location!

Spend your summer savings on the sea!

Why not learn to speak Italian and take a sailing course at the same time?

Our Italian language school in Trieste is offering an attractive opportunity: to start learning the techniques of this fantastic sport in the Italian sailing city par excellence – Trieste!
You may not know it, but in Trieste, famous for its Barcolana, a historic sailing regatta that attracts enthusiasts from around the world, sailing is one of the most practised and popular sports – so there’s no better place in Italy to learn.

What can we offer you? Thanks to our partnership with a first-rate sailing school, you can book individual lessons under the guidance of an experienced instructor, who will accompany you on several excursions out to sea in order to combine the theory with practice in an enjoyable and instructive way. The school is located in Duino, a small town about 30 minutes from the city of Trieste, easily accessible by public transport.

The sailing course, “Inizia a Navigare,” which can be booked from May to September, is truly ideal for anyone who wants to combine learning and recreation on a truly educational holiday that won’t be easily forgotten!

Come learn and enjoy with us!