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News of our school in Trieste and its location!

Cycling and Nature


Trieste is becoming more and more environmentally friendly and is surrounded by nature! There are many new cycle paths characterising our city and making it even more beautiful and attractive, by means of which you can discover a unique area, one which remains unspoiled, as well as amuse yourself and stay in shape!

From San Giacomo, one of the most popular districts in Trieste, begins a route that goes all the way to Draga Sant’Elia, an area in Val Rosendra on the border with Slovenia: 10 km, once traversed by rail, of pure beauty and breathtaking views.

From Muggia, though, a small town close to Trieste, begins the famous “Parenzana” (http://www.parenzana.it/), a old 140 km long railway line that goes all the way to the charming Croatian town of Porec, which once belonged to Italy and is now home to a large Italian community.

Spring is also the time for nature excursions to discover the Karst region, a strip of land surrounding Trieste which is on the border with Slovenia. Thanks to us, you will have the opportunity to participate in wonderful excursions in the company of expert nature guides who will take you to the ancient village of Contovello, along the Rilke Path and the Timavo River: Places that are hard to reach by public transport, and one more reason to go there with us and remain in contact with nature.