60plus Courses

Are you over 60 and have the feeling that you might be out of place at a language school in Italy? You are wrong! At the Piccola Universita Italiana you’ve come to the right place!

Attending an Italian course means gently getting to know the country and its folk, the most wonderful aspect of a cultural holiday.

The average age of paticipants in courses at our language school is between 35 and 38. Students of 18 years or older (in exceptions 16 or older) can attend our language courses. There is no upward age limit! Our school is characterised by ist colourful mix of students. Not only do the students come from many different countries but their ages are diversified too. In 2010, our oldest student was 87. This student attended a classic Italian language course!

We have however put together a special kind of language course to suit the needs and wishes of seniors, it is for all those young at heart who would rather remain in the company of their peers.

Our senior language courses are ideal for senior groups wishing to travel on holiday together.