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22 Benefits of Sending Your Kids to a Language Summer Camp Abroad

Traditionally, summer camps involved hiking in the forest and singing around a campfire. Today, children are becoming more linguistically diverse and self-aware. The quality of education has enhanced to meet new and varied interests and kids have plenty of options to acquire the skills they need to become citizens of the world.

For teenagers, joining an Italian language summer camp is not just about learning intercultural communication skills naturally, it is an exciting opportunity to develop fluency, build connections and gain an invaluable experience required for the 21st century. Want to know why?

Italian Summer Camp

The Benefits of Sending Your Kids to an Italian Language Sumer Camp in Italy


1. Discover the importance of trust

Children grow fast. Each summer marks new milestones. Learning new things and becoming more consolidated and independent human beings, brings joy and challenges. For parents, showing kids how to conquer emotions can be achieved simply by trusting them.

2. Cultivate the ability to learn by having fun

Without motivation, language learning might get stuck. Summer Language Camps are exceptional opportunities to discover and explore meaningful learning. Simply put, transforming experiences into insights and being able to break communication barriers while celebrating mistakes.

3. Prepare adolescents for independence

How long should this assignment take? What if other campers don’t understand my pronunciation? These are common questions of what an Italian language summer camp adventure might arise. Children need to figure out for themselves how to make choices in order to become independent and self-sufficient. Autonomy helps them cut the cord and become sharper learners.

4. Enrich your child’s appreciation to Italian culture

Italian is a language expressed with emotion. Learning to speak authentic Italian is about getting inspired by works of art, cuisine, opera, architecture, and as a consequence, refine the senses. By seeing things from a different perspective, children receive the gift of opening up and embracing a cultural heritage like no other.

5. Listen to your child’s stories (with a joyful Italian accent!)

Just think of the possibilities that will transform and shape your child’s character and skills. The impression of a new environment, the surprise of different ways of life… Funny stories boost self-esteem. Unlock your child’s potential to make learning shareable.

6. Get a taste of exquisite Italian dishes

Italian cuisine is a real treasure and Italian dishes are a great way to explore the language and its culture. Flavours create lasting memories and provide a unique cultural immersion. Let them discover for themselves the taste for learning with a Buon Appetito!

7. Provide life-changing opportunities for socializing

At our language summer camp in Tropea, Italy, learning implies having abundant opportunities for a dynamic exchange of ideas. Students interact and engage in meaningful activities while developing their global citizenship skills through intercultural resonance.

8. Help your child develop an open mindset

Growing an open mindset consists of going beyond uncertainties and pushing the boundaries of one’s own limits. The Italian language provides an uplifting experience that encompasses learning to listen, learning to ask and connecting with emotions and talents.

9. Get authentic language learning opportunities

Italian language textbooks used at renowned language schools tend to be the only source of contact that language learners receive. There is a distance between authentic language and classroom context and nothing can substitute experience. There is just another dimension to Italian language learning: the concept of immersion.

10. Expand your child’s world view in a multicultural environment

Connecting with students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and religions means acquiring cultural competence by increasing empathy and tolerance to other people. Living in a global society, learning to embrace diversity means also preparing for later on in life.

11. Own the future

Spontaneity, rapid change, living in a complex world. During a language summer camp, teenagers have a great opportunity to rethink and recalibrate experiences, gain confidence and reach goals.

12. Access higher educational levels

At Piccola Università Italiana, we promote optimal educational experiences by fostering the right attitude to learning. We believe learning Italian should be fun, and our standard of excellence is not about what is learnt, but how.

13. Give your children the great gift of friendship

Enthusiastic students from around the globe come to our Calabria Italian Summer Camp to have an invaluable formative experience. They spend most of the time together learning from each other and in many cases, developing long-lasting relationships.

14. Strengthen good behaviour with a shift in responsibility

In order to become accomplished international students, teenagers need to learn how to show and gain respect, demonstrate academic integrity and conduct themselves with consideration for others.

15. Keep kids happy, healthy and safe

Adolescents today face numerous challenges growing up and this makes them vulnerable. Language summer camps are the best protection as they are designed to get campers involved in active learning and develop curiosity, grit, tolerance, and ease. These are the grounds for a healthy mind.

16. Discover the bilingual ability to focus

Being able to communicate in two different languages implies developing a more solid capacity to selectively focus on what is necessary. Both languages are always present in the brain, but focus occurs as we get rid of distractions and concentrate on one language at a time.

17. Explore a stunning city like a local

Think about all the majestic places your kid is about to meet in the heart of Europe. Architectural styles, enchanting museums and legendary cafés are the settings for a unique language immersion. Our Italian Language School in Trieste is situated in the centre of the old town.

18. Connect the dots

Developing the ability to make sense of their own learning helps students dig deeper and perform better. In language summer camps there are multiple ways in which students can learn how Italian works and gain appreciation through self-discovery.

19. Give teenagers space

We all need space in order to mature. Teenagers even more as they are rediscovering themselves and trying to achieve their best potential. These are the learning moments that define the way kids learn to understand the world they live in.

20. The quickest way to learn a language

Language immersion programmes offer the opportunity to learn at light speed while opening up to the world.

21. Gain a boutique language school experience

Taking advantage of the opportunities to experiment is all about the atmosphere. With comfortable multimedia classrooms and a pleasant environment, speaking Italian is a celebration!

22. Learn Italian by the sea

It’s time to take off your shoes! Breathe deeply and stretch, listen to the waves, smell the ocean spray and open up your senses as you conquer the Italian language feeling relaxed and peaceful by the sea.