Get your free flight!

Starting this year, we have important news for all those who want to spend a long time in Italy and get to know both the North and the South of our country. All you need do is book a course at our two schools, staying for a short while both at Trieste and at Tropea, lasting at least 9 weeks, and we will offer you the one-way national flight connecting the two localities for free, including the transfer from and to the airport.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to get to know two very different and spectacular sides to Italy:

Trieste, with its Habsburg legacy, historic buildings and intense cultural offerings;

Tropea, with its fabulous sea, Mediterranean views, lush vegetation and the typical warmth of the people of the South.

Conditions and regulations of the offer:
  1. The offer is only valid for students who have booked the complete package lasting at least two months, including the apartment accommodation as described here: School apartment PUI – shared, school apartment PUI – studio, shared apartment, studio flat; See 2017 price lists.
  2. The offer must be booked at least two months before the date of the flight.
  3. The offer depends on the availability of flights and accommodation.
  4. The student must complete both booking forms and mention “OFFERTA VOLO GRATUITO”.

What are you waiting for? Book your Italian language course in the North and the South of Italy! For enrolment click on the following links:

Enrolment form Trieste

Enrolment form Tropea